In his solo project, Hans Arnold devotes himself to both song-like and sound-researching structures, combining influences from ambient, indie, experimental and improvised music. His set-up combines Wurlitzer piano with a standing bass drum, which merge into a single instrument through live – looping.

October 28 2022 sees the release of Hans Arnold´s sophomore Album “Interim” digitally and as a highly limited LP. Hans Arnold ́s music sees itself as a bridge between experimental and pop music interested listeners. One of the reviews of his debut album “And finally the rain” (2020) states “…for friends of keyboard instruments who are tired of generic neoclassical music…”, which describes the music and its ambition quite well. Complex but catchy, minimalist but unpredictable. Acoustically generated and gently electronic transformed percussive sounds create with the singing Wurlitzer piano a highly authentic sound world, which both touches emotionally and changes listening habits.






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