1. Teleporter Scape Orchestra - Teleporter Scape Orchestra (TSO) is the newly founded solo project of Leipzig-based experimental musician Sebastian Bode. His debut EP The Draft Of A Ball, featuring guests like Oh No Noh and Christian Dähne will be released via TELESKOP in fall 2024. Teleporter Scape Orchestra’s music explores the transformation of sounds through aesthetical modifications of original […]
  2. Moritz Fasbender - Moritz Fasbender is one of the numerous pseudonyms of the musician Friederike Bernhardt. The influences of her work for theater as well as for radio or her studies in electroacoustic composition are an essential expression of the sound language in her current works. Voices, gardens, animals or tennis rackets play just as big a role […]
  3. Damian Dalla Torre - Damian Dalla Torre is a Leipzig-based tenor saxophonist, composer and producer who works in the areas of improvised and experimental music. After completing his studies at the Vienna Conservatory and the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig in March 2018, he founded the LOBSTER ensemble. As an active member offormations such […]
  4. STAX + Max Stadtfeld - Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, 1993 born drummer Max Stadtfeld announces his sophomore album “Suboptimal” with his group “STAX”, to be released March 25 2022 on Cologne based label KLAENG.After his self-titled + highly acclaimed 2019 debut on legendary label ACT he returns with another contemporary jazz masterpiece full of yet unheard ideas, stylistic quotes and […]
  5. Beyond w/Bernhardt. - Beyond w/ Bernhardt. started out 2018 as a collective of young contemporary jazz musicians from Leipzig and Cologne - a fluid ensemble devoting itself to electro acoustic experiments in collaboration with theater musician and composer Friederike Bernhardt. The ensemble's collage-oriented creation process is fed equally by instrumental passages as well as electronic embeddings and alienations, whereby arrangements are repeatedly dissolved and find themselves in a new form. In dialogue between the musicians, new compositions are created, which take place in a challenging interplay of different musical languages.
  6. Odalie - Two years after her highly acclaimed self-titled EP, ODALIE, the creative outlet of French composer Sophie Griffon, returns with Derrière l'écran (engl. "behind the screen") - another EP format that interacts with an elaborate audiovisual live show. Together with cellist Paolo Rezze and visualist Alma Alta, 5 evocative audiovisual paintings have been created between electronica, ambient and modern classical music. 
  7. ELME - ELME, formed by Sebastian Bode and Markus Rom, is an instrumental electronic duet based in Leipzig. Both sound artists create textures, which trigger profound moods and images in the minds of the listeners. ELME’s music bears a crackling, pulsating ambient architecture - melodies and harmonies, enriched with sound modulation and improvised overlays.
  8. Rahel Hutter - Rahel Hutter is a Berlin based pianist, composer from switzerland. She works on diverse projects including »snakesoda«, »fat stretch« and »the cloche«.
  9. Random Orchestra - On their debut album Membrane the newly founded, Berlin-based audiovisual duo Random Orchestra, consisting of media artist Xaver Hirsch and music producer Oliver Gehrmann, explore the fine line between naturalness and artificiality.
  10. WOODEN PEAK - German Indie/Electronica Duet having grown into a quartet, steadily exploring its own limits. Unpretentiously unique moments created with guitar, clarinet, trombone, drums, vocals and electronic companions.