Wooden Peak have always been a band of quiet exuberance. Since 2008, Sebastian Bode and Jonas Wolter have been writing, developing and constructing music that trembles with energy and yet is always restrained. They fill quiet moments with irrepressible power, they place virtuosity, fantasy and demand at the service of small, dazzling gestures. In their four records they take the idea of “more than the sum of the individual parts” and turn it on its head. They create arrangements full of space and air, allowing their music to breathe and its energy to spread in peace.

Their new record is a compilation of electrified versions of selected previous tracks. The record is simplistic and reductionist, allowing space for more delicate beat samples and careful arrangements. it was a natural conclusion to expand the band’s orchestration for “Electric Versions” to include clarinet and trombone. Wencke Wollny and Antonia Hausmann are busy musicians in the german scene lending their instrumental skills and voices to other artists and to their own band Karl die Große. They blend into the ensemble Wooden Peak as if all this had never been any different. Sounds, ideas and habits from the last 12 years are transported into the present with ease, conserving the power of every moment whilst setting it free.

‘Electric Versions’ will be out in February 2021 via TELESKOP.


Booking + Press: jonas@teleskopmusikproduktion.de

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