Random Orchestra

On their debut album Membrane the newly founded, Berlin-based audiovisual duo Random Orchestra, consisting of media artist Xaver Hirsch and music producer Oliver Gehrmann, explore the fine line between naturalness and artificiality. The examination of the boundaries of both concepts and the search for a gateway between them are reflected in the eight eclectic songs on Membrane, that span a wide range within the electronic music spectrum, processing dystopian ambience, hypnotic arpeggiators, melancholic melodies and floating drum samples. Whether working with vocalists like the talented newcomer Giugiu, vocal snippets, deconstructed drum breaks, orchestral imaginations or textural loops, the quest for simplicity in complex structures is always immanent. Within the album they ask where the natural ends and the artificial begins, combining organic sources for sound and visualization with artificial material, microscopical images and 3D renderings, field recordings and creative coding, virtual instruments and analog synthesis. While the music and visualization influence each other on all of the production stages to form the musical and visual output in form of digital and physical mediums, videos and installations, they culminate in the centrepiece of the project: their audiovisual live show.

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