Electric Versions

The fifth Wooden Peak – album “Electric Versions” is released today on all platforms and we want to celebrate it with you. 2 years have passed from the first idea of rethinking some pieces with minimal instrumentation and to bring the Wooden Peak Ensemble together again: Jonas Wolter, Sebastian Bode, Antonia Hausmann and Wencke Wollny. Arrangement, recording, production, pandemic, press work have passed and now this fine new piece of music is out there for you.

The new record is a compilation of electrified versions of selected previous tracks. Therefore, it’s only logical to call it “Electric Versions”. The record is simplistic and reductionist, allowing space for more delicate beat samples and careful arrangements. Lastly, it was a natural conclusion to expand the band’s orchestration for “Electric Versions” to include clarinet and trombone – a deliberate choice of instruments to create a space for both electronic and acoustic sounds. Ultimately, achieving simplicity through expanding the ensemble – classic Wooden Peak.





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