System Innenstadt

Schauspiel Leipzig 2022
Audioproduction // TELESKOP

Leipzig – A seismographic city walk Audiowalk

Leipzig’s city center connects many different points in the city. It is a node and focal point where flows and changes can be read. Many of the visible and less visible transformations of the city center did not come about as a result of the Corona pandemic of recent years, but they have become more visible as a result.

Where are the cracks of recent years still noticeable? What has already been superimposed? Where would one like to turn back time and return to an earlier situation? What problems do the players who are connected to Leipzig’s inner city in the most diverse ways face, and what opportunities do they have today?

Directed by: Jörg Karrenbauer

Audioproduction: Alexander Nemitz, Sebastian Bode, Jonas Wolter, TELESKOP

Schauspiel Leipzig: 2022

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