RIVER INTO LAKE is the Belgian indie-pop project of Boris Gronemberger (Girls in Hawaii – Françoiz Breut – Castus a.o.), formerly known as V.O.

After the first release ‘Let The Beast Out’ (2019) the ‘The Crossing EP’ released on Humpty Dumpty Records followed in December 2020. It tells us about growing up, the loss of innocence and naivety and feelings arising from the currents situation and events of the past five years (terrorist attacks, migration crisis, environmental crisis, the health crisis and the rise of the far-right). The quintet retains the sound defined on the album, combining synth with acoustic elements and a dreamy atmosphere trembling between the decades. Each song is accompanied by a piece of visual art by David Delruelle that captures and reflects the timbre and message of the music.

River Into Lake supported Agnes Obel on her 2020 European tour, until it was cancelled due to COVID-19. In October 2020, the band played a highly acclaimed streaming concert at Botantique in Brussels with a ten-piece band including string quartet.


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