Die Ohren des Peter Cusack

Radio Feature by Lena Löhr
DLF + SWR 2022 //
Post Production // TELESKOP

Airing next: May 13 // 00:05 AM // DLF Kultur + May 16 // 3:05 PM // SWR 2

Listen online: https://www.hoerspielundfeature.de/kurzstrecke-412.html

Peter Cusack started recording his day-to-day environment in the mid 70s. Since then he developed a great fascination for the sounds of his surroundings. He explores sounds, spaces and landscapes that seem uninteresting to others: abandoned military areas in Brandenburg, quiet backyards in Berlin as well as London suburbs near an airport. He is particularly interested in sounds from the outside world that correlate with each other and tell stories of how these locations and habitats are changing.

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