Multichannel Sound Installation in Gröditz/Saxony by Carina Pesch as part of “Im Rückspiegel die Zukunft”, a group exibition hosted by the citizen science program of Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

Multichannel Audio Production: TELESKOP

Gröditz: How does a stranger approach an unknown city?

Sound artist Carina Pesch chooses a seemingly simple method for her work: she goes for a walk – alone and with people who live there. She talks to as many different people as possible who know the place. She visits places where people come together, work and spend their time. She listens. She records. She collects. She reassembles. And then she creates a walk-in labyrinth from the sound fragments she collects. She invites you to take a seat, invites you to listen and entices you to listen; to the youth of Gröditz, the choir, the senior citizens and many other voices, all of whom have their own unique perspective on Gröditz. In the interplay of found objects, images of the town and sounds, the town can be rediscovered and experienced anew in the multi-channel installation – from the perspective of an artist unfamiliar with the place.

Photos: Robert Arnold

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