Fixed Notes

Teleporter Scape Orchestra (TSO) is the newly founded solo project of Leipzig-based experimental musician Sebastian Bode. His debut EP The Draft Of A Ball, featuring guests like Oh No Noh and Christian Dähne will be released via TELESKOP in fall 2024.

Teleporter Scape Orchestra’s music explores the transformation of sounds through aesthetical modifications of original source materials. Field recordings, distinctive spaces and abstract textures are interwoven and processed through various effect paths. Sebastian Bode distills atmospheres from noise, tonal clusters, device glitches and disruptive elements, focussing on “the in-between”, the enigmatic and subtle parts of audio.

Traditional musical instruments are utilised as collage-like puzzle pieces, their sounds shaped through manipulation of a diverse array of recording and playback tools, such as samplers, loop tapes, synths, digital FX and vinyl. Stripping down to the pure layers of sound, where source materials become elusive, showcases the boundless nature of music and its intrinsic, unifying force. Audible breathing patterns linger as the only remnants. 

Bode embarked on his distinct approach to working with sound sources many years ago. His mastery of drumming, honed and individualized over the years, led him into a multitude of production settings to this day. As part of TELESKOP – Studio For Aural Arts, he has contributed to radio play audio, film scoring and experimental sound design in many forms. He is also a founding member of the indie/electronica duo Wooden Peak, known for releasing and performing music with ever-evolving line-ups. Offering a preliminary glimpse into the EP The Draft Of A Ball, Teleporter Scape Orchestra‘s debut single Fixed Notes will be released digitally on TELESKOP on April 19 2024

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