Oh No Noh

Finding Yourself In Orbit


September 2019

Oh No Noh plays music in a setup that’s just as unconventional as it’s complex. Undulating Lofi-soundscapes embedded in rattle beats played by mechanisms. A bundle of Ambient, Kraut, Minimal Music and Electronica.


Solenoids, turned into robots play Oh No Noh’s programmed rhythms and let them become
traceable for the audience. Guitar patterns and -loops crisscross the arrangements, shrouded by samples and field-recordings, born into the planned aleatory of an unsinkable tape deck.


Markus Rom is the protagonist and alter ego of this long-term experiment. Comments by the
audience describes the music of Oh No Noh as a „soundtrack for the ending of a planet“ or as „a machine, with the sole purpose of a lifelong repair“.


Oh No Noh’s self-titled EP enters new realms in the field of live-looping, nimbly shapeshifting
between electronic and analog spheres. Atmospheric music for fans of Notwist, Hainbach, John Cage and Nils Frahm.
Apposite to all the special features of this unique project, the EP will be released on audio cassette.


Oh No Noh

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